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When it comes to finance there are a plethora of options out there. We do recommend going for a company that specialises in Caravan and RV finance, as it is a leisure product and adheres to a special set of rules.


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Finance Tips:


Have your paperwork ready, we can’t stress this enough, the more information you have ready for the finance broker the quicker the process will be.


Know your credit history, it is worth knowing where your credit score is at, before applying for loans. You can use free websites like to acquire this information as an example.


Ensure your financial statements and tax returns are up to date and readily accessible, if someone is going to lend you a lot of money they need to know everything about your financial situation, so having things like your tax returns and financial statements ready can help the process.


Newer is better, new or recently used caravans and RV’s are good for lenders because they are lower risks. This is because they have more value and are better securities (collateral) for lenders. Much older used vehicles have less resale value and are harder to find loans for. The older the RV is, the harder it is to get a loan on it, and sometimes it is not even possible.


I recommend having the following paperwork ready:


  • Identification, Drivers License, Passport etc.

  • Proof of Income, payslips, tax returns etc.

  • Bank Statements, printed or emailed directly to the broker/bank.

  • Credit Record, this is just for your own knowledge.

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