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What You Need To Know About The Current Swift 500 Cooker Situation

Please Note: The Swift 500 series, including All Models regardless of age, Including Cooktops, Grills & Ovens are NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED AUSTRALIA WIDE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

We hope this is a temporary situation, We are waiting on a reply from the ACCC and WA authorities as to what steps are to be taken next.

Please be patient, once we have more information we will do our best to inform you through our various social media outlets.

Please be informed the electrical element can still be used.

Check out the video below to see how you can isolate the gas on the Swift 500 Oven.

Please note: In the video the presenter mentions you can cook on your gas bayonet with your Webber Q or Ziggy cooker, that is actually illegal if it doesn't have a flame failure device on it. You can find more info on the legalities of this in our File Share section (members only).

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